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The international curricula has announced its arrival across many Schools in India! Recent times have seen many primary, middle and high schools turning to international, curricula which has brought a different style and experience of teaching-learning. #

Here are some noticeable benefits that have prompted schools to turn to the international curricula

·    Experiential nature of learning that drives students’ own learning. Students and teachers both, reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and to consider the role and nature of knowledge in the context of their own and other cultures, looking at learning from a holistic perspective.

·    Independent thinking that encourages analysis and solving complex problems. Each program has significant independent and written projects requiring students to graduate.

·    Time management is a core component of IB. The IB program provides flexibility and allows students to focus on their projects and assignments over a period of time

·    Personal growth that makes a student more culturally aware, through the development of a second language. Students have the option to learn more than one language, with no restriction on the choice of language as long as it contains a written body of work.

·    Engaging – students are able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world. Diploma students also take part in Creativity Activity and Service, which requires engagement in the arts, physical education, and community service.

Here are some inputs from our students who are pursuing IB or Cambridge accredited curricula –

“I decided to choose the IB diploma in 10th grade and was offered a spectrum of subjects to choose from. I wanted to learn more through different points of views and expand my learning horizon globally and internationally,” says Parisha Bhutani on what made her choose the IB Diploma.

“As an IB student, I have been involved in athletics, extra-curricular activities, have a social life and still maintain good grades as one of the core skills of IB is time management and it helps not just concentrate on Academics but also have a social life.”

-. Sumer Kaistha

“IGCSE is an outstanding and analytical curriculum. It has acquainted me to look at the world from a different perspective and cultivated my ideas. My mentors helped and guided me to the right aisle. They took numerous extra lessons just to clear our doubts. . I would not have been able to open my intellect and would not have been able to embrace extracurricular activities as they are”.

– Rishabh Agarwal, Grade-10

“IGCSE! One of the assiduous and arduous curricula. It not only helps to enhance our knowledge but also develops responsibility, enthusiasm, and innovation skills. It helped me to scrutinize and see the world from different perspectives which moulded me into a better personality.”

– Krish Bansal, Grade-10

Written by Neeta Bali( Director- Principal)