Special Assembly on World Economic Forum by IGCSE students at GD.Goenka World School

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On 16th February 2018, A special assembly on theme –World Economic Forum, was conducted at school assembly hall. GDGWS powerfully nurtures the development of intra personal intelligence and enhances interpersonal skills among the students, further helping in their holistic development. On this forum the students discussed on a wide mix of political leaders, policymakers, academics, business people and members of civil society.

The assembly started with a song by choir group followed by Power Point Presentation on the theme. Grade 9 students presented SKIT on the theme in a very informative and entertaining way. The next program was a beautiful dance performance by IGCSE students.

The assembly ended with a Quiz on WEF.

The assembly for students helped them to gain experience in performance and particularly in public speaking making them “Speak Fitness.”