Staying relevant is a constant. Educators share their personal targets for the year ahead… Part 2 – Neeta Bali

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School leaders play a key role in developing and supporting teaching and learning in their schools, and in managing processes, systems, staff, and students. It is a complex and challenging job, yet most principals agree that it is enjoyable and rewarding. All educators agree that in today’s fast moving world it is essential to keep on upgrading one’s skills to be prepared to handle the ever increasing learning needs of their students and teaching staff. In the second part, we share what some more educators say they would like to learn in 2018:

“Use Web 2.0 tools in classroom engagement”

Technology has become one the most essential parts of today’s world and some can’t even imagine a day spent without it. It has become a continuous process to upgrade ourselves in order to walk an extra mile in society. In the education industry, both teaching and learning have become more interactive and informative by inheriting the rapidly increasing technological platforms available to us each passing day.

We, as educators, should use Web 2.0 tools in our classroom engagement in order to build the young generation. These mainly include Animoto, which completely simplifies the creation and sharing of videos. Survey Builder is another platform which allows you to easily create and manage online surveys. Pinterest as a bookmark management tool helps teachers to organise and share anything from lesson plans, ideas, and crafts using a virtual bulletin board. Collaborative work among our colleagues can be enhanced by using Edmodo which facilitates collaboration and content sharing among school community. Schoology is the tool through which teachers can share their instructional resources and connect with other educators. Apart from this, course management can also be done by using Prezi, where teachers can use this presentation tool to organise and share ideas with other educators. In addition to all these, we should use Google Docs, Google Calendar, Skype sessions, podcasts, videocasts etc. as an integral part of our classroom learning and engagement, leading to widening of the imaginative ideas of the pupils under our care.

Neeta Bali
Director Principal, GD Goenka World School Gurgaon