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The Middle School programme at GDGWS has been planned and compiled based on the structured, student-centered and enquiry-based foundation laid during the primary years.

It demonstrates the following features:

  • Flexible, yet comprehensive curriculum with rigorous international standards
  • A unique approach to interdisciplinary learning using multiple instructional methods and teaching strategies
  • Community and global focus with an emphasis on intercultural understanding
  • Development of the whole child, including requirements for arts and community service

Curriculum Content

The curriculum of the middle school, Grade 6 to Grade 8 is delivered to the students in the following subjects:

  • English
  • ESL (English as a support language)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences: History, Civics and Geography
  • Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Hindi
  • Third Language: Sanskrit, Spanish, German, French
  • Information Technology
  • Vocational: Physical Education, Arts and Music

This curriculum’s foundation lies in enquiry through the primary years, developing what the students know into an exciting journey of the middle school years where it is a blend of national and international curriculum.

Aims of Curriculum

It has been designed to :

  • Guide students in their search for belonging in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.
  • Develop independent learners that recognize relationships between school subjects and the world.
  • Enable students learn to work in teams, share experiences and learn from the same.
  • Also enable students connect and relate knowledge gained in one area to another through cross-curricular projects and themes.