GD Goenka World School’s Cambridge IGCSE programme empowers students aged 14 to 16 (Grades 9 and 10) with the world’s most esteemed international qualification. Recognized globally by leading universities and employers, our IGCSE curriculum serves as a passport to progression and success.

Program Highlights

  • Wide Subject Choice for Diverse Career Paths

  • GDGWS offers a maximum of 8 subjects, allowing students to choose across various streams for a broader exposure.

  • Subjects are carefully selected to provide a strong foundation for higher studies.

    Exceptional Academic Achievements:

    • Our students have consistently earned accolades, being recognized as Outstanding Cambridge Learners.

    • With highly qualified faculty, GDGWS stands as a top school in India offering IGCSE, laying the groundwork for any national or international curriculum.

      Comprehensive Curriculum and Unique Features:
      • We stand out among IGCSE schools in Gurgaon with a robust curriculum and state-of-the-art campus facilities.

      • Our focus extends beyond academics to extracurricular activities, with diverse clubs under the Students Activity Programme (SAP) fostering multi-level aptitude.


        Academic Counseling and Career Guidance

      • GDGWS provides university admission guidance through our career counseling center.

      • Students receive support in identifying their abilities, interests, and career goals, ensuring practical academic and career objectives.


        Assessments and Certifications

      • Students may earn an IGCSE Certificate by achieving a minimum grade of at least G(g) in a syllabus.

      • Cambridge International Certificate of Education (Cambridge ICE) is awarded for candidates who enter and sit for a minimum of seven subjects across five curriculum areas.