Career Guidance

At GDGWS, we understand the importance of empowering our students to make informed decisions about their future careers. Our comprehensive career services are designed to provide personalized guidance, experiential learning opportunities, and essential resources to help students navigate the exciting journey of career exploration and development.

Key Features

Individual Advising:
  • Pupils receive personalized career advising, ensuring a tailored approach to their unique aspirations and challenges.
  • Continuous support is offered to help students understand their potential, overcome obstacles, and make well-informed decisions to achieve their goals.
    Experiential Programs:
    • Students participate in hands-on experiential programs that offer real-world insights into various professions.

    • These programs aim to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, fostering a deeper understanding of potential career paths.

      Career Workshops and Events:
      • Regular career workshops and special events are organized throughout the academic year.

      • Workshops cover diverse topics such as application procedures, university requirements, and deadlines.

      • Special events, including university fairs, provide opportunities for direct interaction with representatives from various institutions.

      • Academic and Career Counseling:
        • The Career Office collaborates with academic staff to offer academic and career counseling services.

        • Students receive guidance on building academic profiles, gaining new skills, and understanding course options aligned with their interests.

        • Guidance from Grade 9 Onwards:
          • Career guidance initiatives commence in Grade 9, emphasizing the importance of building an academic profile and gaining awareness of career options.

          • Students are encouraged to explore new skills and develop a deeper understanding of potential career paths.

          • Psychometric Testing in Grade 10:
            • In Grade 10, students undergo psychometric testing to understand their aptitudes, personality, and interests.

            • Results help link students to suitable career options and assist in making informed subject choices for Grade 11.

            • Individualized Attention in Grades 11 and 12:
              • Personalized meetings in Grades 11 and 12 provide focused attention on students’ unique needs and aspirations.

              • SAT preparation begins, with in-house SAT and IELTS preparation classes conducted regularly.

              • Financial Planning Support:
                • The Careers Office assists students and parents with financial planning, providing information on scholarships and bursaries.

                • Step-by-step guidance is offered for every stage of the application process, including documentation preparation and submission.

                • Support Beyond Applications:
                  • Ongoing support is provided for CV building, writing Statements of Purpose (SOPs), and crafting college admission essays.

                  • Assistance with additional tests required for specific courses and universities is a part of the comprehensive support provided.

                  • Results Day Support:
                    • The Careers Office remains actively involved on results day, offering support to students applying with their results to universities in India.

                      At GDGWS, our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals extends beyond academics, preparing students for successful and fulfilling careers in a globalized world.