Boarding Facilities

Discover a world of unparalleled boarding experience at GD Goenka World School, one of the premier boarding schools in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India. As a leading institution, we offer day boarding options, providing resident scholars with a unique blend of privacy, freedom, and participation in a vibrant, multiracial community.

Choosing GD Goenka World School

Renowned as one of the top residential schools in the Delhi-NCR region, GD Goenka World School is strategically located just 30 minutes from Gurgaon’s downtown. Its proximity to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, reachable within an hour by car, makes it a sought-after choice among boarding schools near Delhi NCR. Our fully air-conditioned boarding facilities, nestled amidst green spaces and sports fields, offer a serene escape from the city’s noise and pollution.

Boarding Facilities:
  • Comfortable Living Quarters: The centrally located boarding houses, designed for both boys and girls, are within easy walking distance of the main school building, athletic fields, fitness center, and dining hall. Fully air-conditioned, well-designed rooms accommodate up to eight pupils, fostering a pleasant environment.
  •  Common Areas: Tailored for academic growth, our common rooms provide designated study desks, entertainment TVs, refrigerators, and high-speed internet connectivity. These areas offer a serene space for students to unwind and decompress.
  •  Prayer Facilities: Embracing diversity, GD Goenka World School ensures a welcoming campus environment by providing separate prayer rooms for boys and girls in the boarding complex.

    Student Well-being and Support:

    • Dedicated Houseparents: Each level of the boarding complex is overseen by a houseparent, ensuring personalized care, support, and a nurturing environment. Regular check-ins on cleanliness and personal hygiene reflect our commitment to student well-being.
    •  Communication: Our high-speed leasing line access and Wi-Fi-enabled dorms facilitate effective communication, allowing video calls, restricted cell phone use, and parental calls through designated extensions.

      Health, Safety, and Nutrition:

      • Medical Care: Infirmaries in each sector of the boarding home provide round-the-clock primary medical treatment, supported by Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon for emergencies.

      • Security and Safety: Constant security with guards, fire sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors ensures a safe environment. Regular campus patrols and safety measures minimize risks.

      • Dining and Nutrition: A centrally air-conditioned dining hall, spanning 13,000 square feet, offers balanced meals for all students, fostering unity and relationships through shared meals.

      • Extracurricular Facilities:

        • After-School Sports Program: Access to sports fields, coaching, fitness center, and recreational activities contribute to the overall development of students.

        • Academic Studies: Individual study units in common areas and after-hours access to classrooms reflect our commitment to a calm learning environment.

        • College Store: Convenience store with a variety of items, supervised by a home parent during purchases, ensures the comfort of boarding students.

        • Recreational Amenities:

          • Spa, Sauna & Steam: GD Goenka World School prioritizes student comfort and well-being, offering a spa with sauna and steam facilities for both boys and girls.

          • Salon: A dedicated hair and skin care salon equipped with top-notch tools enhances grooming practices, ensuring a high quality of life for students.

          • Gym: The campus features a Cross-Fit gym within the fitness center, aligning with the school’s focus on physical health and holistic development.

            Independence Development:

            GD Goenka World School aims to instill vital life skills for independent living, preparing students for challenges beyond school. Enroll your child today in Delhi NCR’s best boarding school, where holistic development is our commitment.

            Boarding Facilities

            A Day in the Life of a Goenkan

            At GD Goenka World School, we offer a distinctive educational experience that sets us apart as one of the country’s most prestigious schools. Whether a day-boarder, weekly-boarder, or full-time boarder, all students benefit from our unparalleled commitment to excellence.

            6:00 AM

            For day-boarders, the day begins with a comfortable pick-up from their residences in our air-conditioned Yellow Buses. Meanwhile, our full-time boarders kick-start their day at 6:00 am with options like morning jogs or fitness activities before gathering for breakfast at 8:05 am.

            8:05 AM

            In our Refectorio, accommodating over 1000 students, a wholesome breakfast is served. Students catch up on news, enjoy sports on Plasma TVs, and savor healthy organic meals, prepared under stringent quality controls.

            8:20 AM – 3:05 PM

            Classes commence at 8:20 am, extending until 3:05 pm. With state-of-the-art facilities and a fully air-conditioned environment, students move freely between classrooms, labs, and studios, benefiting from the latest technology and a Wi-Fi-enabled campus.

            Our international curriculum fosters inquiry, interaction, and mentorship between teachers and students. Balancing academics with arts, sports, and activities, we ensure a holistic education that builds confidence and self-worth.

            3:05 PM

            As day-boarders depart, full-time boarders engage in snacks, study, and specialized coaching sessions, enhancing their skills and teamwork.

            5:30 PM TO LIGHTS OUT

            Evenings include a snack, shower, dinner, and private study until lights out. Timings vary by grade, promoting independence and personal accountability.


            Weekly-boarders head home, while full-time boarders enjoy a relaxed Friday, late rising on the weekends, and a mix of leisure, sports, and self-regulated study. Our diverse student body, hailing from over 30 countries, fosters cultural understanding and lifelong friendships.
            There’s something for everyone at GD Goenka World School!


            Caring Houseparents for Boarders: Nurturing a Home Away from Home
            At GD Goenka World School, our Houseparents play a pivotal role in providing essential support and maintaining a disciplined yet caring atmosphere within the boarding houses.

            Personalized Attention:

            Each Houseparent’s priority is to establish a personal connection with every child, offering individualized attention when needed. This ensures that boarding students are not just well-adjusted but also happy and seamlessly integrated into the school system.

            Effective Guardianship:

            For boarding students, the Houseparent serves as a reliable guardian, overseeing a small group of 16 students. Regular inspections of dorm rooms, study areas, and common rooms are conducted to uphold cleanliness and personal hygiene standards. Houseparents create a nurturing environment and closely collaborate with students requiring additional support.

            Holistic Monitoring:

            The Houseparents diligently monitor each student’s social and academic progress. They maintain close communication with academic staff to ensure the quality of students’ prep and other academic endeavors. Parents receive regular updates about their children’s welfare through email or phone calls.

            Collaborative Support:

            Houseparents work hand-in-hand with a dedicated medical and housekeeping team to ensure the overall well-being of the students. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to creating a home away from home for every boarding student.
            At GD Goenka World School, our Houseparents go beyond traditional roles, fostering a supportive environment that promotes the personal and academic growth of every student under their care.