What our Parents say about us…….

“We are happy to belong to the G.D. Goenka family in this partnership of parenting and growing of our children.
Our association with G.D. Goenka World School started when we moved back from Argentina in 2013. The kids had been at the American International School in Buenos Aires and we wanted them to have a similarly supportive yet challenging environment under an International Curriculum, so that they could continue in their journey of learning through development of self-confidence and academic prowess. G.D. Goenka happened to provide us the solutions to this key criterion. The added factor that they could continue learning Spanish Language at G.D. Goenka made it very easy for a decision.

Today 5 years down the line we can say with utmost contentment that the ecosystem at the school did help Jusjeev to adapt quickly and perform well in all aspects throughout. He has indeed shaped up as a responsible and independent individual. This is a true reflection of the direction provided by the School leadership Team under Dr. Bali and the high level of capability and experience embedded in the faculty. The fact that he got an amazing set of classmates have made his and our journey simply stress-free.

Similarly, the excellent Sports infrastructure at the School has also allowed Vaani to excel in swimming and athletics and win medals in internal and external competitions alike. We are very positive that she will also get similar guidance and mentoring by the faculty in shaping her character as a responsible child during these critical years of her transition from PYP to Middle School.

Sincere Appreciation for the whole G.D. Goenka Faculty and Community.”

Mr. Simmarpal Singh Bhurjee & Mrs. Harpreet Kaur
Parents of Jusjeev Singh IB-Year II
Vaani Kaur Burjee -CLS

“Our association with GDGWS dates to year 2006 when our son Dhruv Wadhwa started going to Nursery while our elder daughter Arshia Wadhwa started Grade-7.
It has been amazing association with this great learning institution. Our both kids have really been blessed to be in such school of knowledge with international exposure but deeply rooted in Indian ethos. Both have been mentored by their teachers throughout all their grades not only to be academically strong but to be honest, compassionate, obedient, helpful and have blossomed as matured humble human beings. Their insatiable desire to excel in everything they do without an iota of compromise with their high ethical standards inspires me too. They have been taught to be self-dependent, confident and ready to take up any challenge anywhere in the world.
Arshia received Cambridge Outstanding Learner award for her Grade-10 IGCSE exam. With excellent guidance during her IB program in GDGWS she had no problem in exceling at BSC program in Neuro Science & Medical Anthropology at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and presently with her MD program at St. Louis University Medical School.
Dhruv also continues to excel in studies with amazing grades in IGCSE exams recently. He won Second place in World Robotics Championship held at Denmark 2 years ago.
We parents besides Arshia&Dhruv are grateful to all the Teachers besides extremely courteous & helpful GDGWS support staff who have been bedrock like an extended family in all their endeavors.
With Gratitude.”
Mr. Pankaj Wadhwa & Mrs. Jyoti Wadhwa
Parents of Dhruv Wadhwa IB-Year II

“The IB programme at GDWS is very encouraging and nurturing . The school has a warm environment with constant engagement with parents and students in unique ways . School encourages and helps each student on an Individual basis , enabling the parents and the student to overcome the difficulties.There is an incredible, supportive care in this school.
The Management ,Principal Mrs Bali , IB coordinator Mrs Mehta and the entire teaching staff are dedicated to providing a warm and inspiring environment for the children at the school. Their genuine love for children and teaching has made a lasting impression on our family. Lastly the ever helpful administrative staff adds to the comfort level of being a part of this great institution.”

Dr. Pankaj Soni & Dr. Chetna Soni
Parents of Riya Soni, IB-Year I

We have been associated with the school for a very long time. Our older daughter graduated from here and the younger one is still at school. The main advantage of the school for us , which is also their strength resides in the support provided by teachers and the principal. They are always ready to listen and help. The teachers are well trained IB teachers.  We are happy with the way the school functions and helps the child to grow. “

Mr. Aviral Garg & Mrs. Shalini Garg
Parents of Suhana Garg

“As any parent, one is always hoping to doing the right by their child, and the choice of school is one such fundamental decision. Fortunately, we made the right one by sending our child to G.D. Goenka World School from day one i.e. Kindergarten.

We have found a strong sense of community, and the management makes us feel like family whenever we visit the school; the best part being that the principal, Dr. Neeta Bali is very much approachable and understanding.

As parents, nothing can be more comforting than your child going to the same school from KG to Grade XII.

And without a doubt, the infrastructure and facilities at GDGWS are splendid!”

Mr. Rahul Nanda & Mrs. Pooja Nanda
IB-Year II