Student Governance Clubs & Societies

The House System:

Embodying a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition, GD Goenka World School’s House System is a vibrant cornerstone of our student community. From Grade 3 onwards, students proudly don the distinctive colored attire of their respective Houses every Wednesday for spirited house activities.

Key Features:

Distinctive Houses:

  • Comprising four unique Houses, each with its own identity and ethos.

  • Fosters a strong sense of belonging and teamwork among students.

    Amicable Competition:

    • Acts as central hubs for significant sports and activities, cultivating friendly competition and healthy rivalry.
    • Various inter-house events provide platforms for students to showcase their talents and sportsmanship.

      Leadership Structure:

      • Each House is led by a dedicated Housemaster or Housemistress.

      • Captains and Vice-Captains, both for girls and boys, contribute to the leadership fabric of the school.

      • Their tenure spans an academic year, ensuring continuity and stability within the House structure.
      • Student Council:

        The democratically-elected Student Council serves as a formal bridge between the student body and the faculty. With guidance from faculty advisors, it offers a platform for students to actively participate in shaping school policies that directly impact them.


        Active Student Involvement:

        • Students contribute their perspectives and enthusiasm, playing an integral role in realizing the school’s administrative objectives.

        • The Student Council is a channel for students to voice their ideas, ensuring their representation in decision-making processes.

          Leadership Development:

          • Provides students with the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills.

          • Fosters a sense of accountability and responsibility towards the broader school community.

            At GDGWS, the House System and Student Council are not just organizational structures but vibrant ecosystems that enrich our school’s culture, emphasizing collaboration, leadership, and active student engagement.