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For a detailed breakdown of the fee structure, please reach out to our admissions team.

Our Admissions Policy

GD Goenka World School takes pride in being an academically selective institution, where we seek out students with intellectual potential who will flourish in an environment that offers a rich array of curricular and extracurricular opportunities.

Selecting the right school for your child is a pivotal decision, and at GDGWS, we are dedicated to making this process as seamless as possible, ensuring a smooth transition for your child. As an international school, we cater to a diverse group of applicants from around the world. We understand the need for flexibility in the admission process. We welcome student admissions throughout the year, depending on grade availability. For parents residing overseas or in different Indian cities, the entire admission process, from the school tour to assessments and interactions, can be conveniently completed online with the assistance of our counsellors.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and engage in insightful discussions, either with or without their child. Appointments for such visits can be scheduled in advance through the Admissions Office via email at or by phone at +91-9513631471.

Here’s how our admission process works for different grade levels:

Primary School: Grades Nursery to 5

1. Admission to the Primary Years Programme is based on personal interactions with the admission team, the PYP coordinator, and the Head of School.

2. No formal written assessments are required for primary school admission. All PYP students progress to the Cambridge Lower Secondary program, where they continue to follow the Cambridge curriculum.

Grades 6 to 10:

1. Candidates seeking admission to GDGWS in Grades 6 to 10 will undergo placement assessments in Mathematics and English, followed by an interaction with the Program Head, who records anecdotal comments on the admission sheet.

2. Candidates will also need to meet with the principal for a final interaction and admission decision.

3. Students can select their preferred additional language (language acquisition) and undergo a benchmarking assessment to determine their proficiency level.

4. For Grade 6 and 7 admissions, students should have studied the chosen language for at least one year in their previous school.

5. For Grade 8 and 9 admissions, students should have studied the selected language for at least two years in their previous school.

Grades 11 and 12 (IB DP 1 – IB DP 2):

1. Students who have completed the IGCSE Programme at GDGWS are eligible for admission to DP-1 if they have received their IGCSE Certificate. Subject choices involve a two-tier process, considering their Grade 10 results and an interaction with the IBDP coordinator.

2. DP Candidates from other schools: Admission involves a three-tier process for candidates from other schools. The process involves the evaluation of the last two years’ academic performance, a Character Certificate from the previous school, placement assessments in Math & English, and an interview for shortlisted candidates and their parents.

3. Overseas students have their assessments arranged through special procedures, including a telephonic/Skype interview for shortlisted applicants following the written assessment.

4. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements of the IB Diploma, and language acquisition and subject levels will be determined based on specific assessments aligned with the student’s declared proficiency level.

5. In Grade 12 (DP 2), we admit only transferring IB Diploma students.

We strive to make the admission process as accessible and fair as possible, ensuring that each student’s unique needs are met.