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The best accommodation facilities in the top boarding school hostel: GD Goenka setting standards for residential school education in Delhi NCR.
The fear of residential schools is real because students fear the dreadful hostel facilities and the scary wardens that can snatch their happiness away in a snap. The grimy hostel rooms with the horrible mess food are every students’ nightmare. But what if we tell you that the situations can be different? Here, GD Goenka World School becomes the ray of sunshine as the best school in Delhi with hostel facility. That’s right, it is the best hostel school in Delhi which is known for its quality education and stellar hostel facilities.

At GD Goenka world schools, the best hostel school in Delhi,  we have set the benchmark for hostel schools in Delhi too high. Our state-of-the-art accommodation facilities create the perfect studying environment for students to grow and prosper in their intellect. The entire child hostel school campus is equipped with high-speed internet so that students can stay connected and learn better. Besides, as an impeccable child hostel school, we do our very best to provide hostel students more time for physical activity and collective recreations. Our hostel school in Delhi offers adequate space and caring culture, for young minds to thrive in. This makes us the best school in Delhi with hostel facility.

Why opting for hostels at GD Goenka is a wiser option?

Instead of developing a prisoner culture in our hostels, at GD Goenka, we facilitate a creative environment. Our hostel school in Delhi employs the best houseparents who are recruited after passing a thorough interview process. Our commitment to remain the best hostel school in Delhi, is unwavering.  Our child hostel school is for avid thinkers who want to break out of their limiting beliefs and for those students who want to grow out of their confined academic boundaries.

Being the best school in Delhi with hostel facility, we offer stellar infrastructure to students for facilitating their growth. The teachers at GD Goenka follow a facilitative teaching pedagogy. They encourage students to follow their goals and think for themselves with appropriate guidance. This makes us the best hostel school in Delhi

As one of the best schools in Delhi with hostel facilities, we ensure that every student is coping with academics wisely. Teachers visit the hostels frequently to monitor students and there are special classes and orientation for the weak students who actually need it.Overall, GD Goenka emerges as the best hostel school in Delhi with trusted faculty and amenities.

What makes GD Goenka the best boarding school with an impeccable hostel facility?

GD Goenka is a forerunner in the field of dynamic residential school education. As the best hostel school in Delhi, we pay attention to the needs of each student separately.  Starting from the studious pupils who are academic prodigies in their respective genre or for those who have this extra edge for the co-curricular activities, GD Goenka aims at developing every student as a better individual.. As a hostel school in Delhi, we believe it’s our duty to encourage students on a path to holistic growth. What makes us the best school in Delhi with hostel facility, is that learners are taught how to balance their lives and focus on their strong suits, whether it be academic or co-curricular. At the GD Goenka hostel school in Delhi, we believe that our students should also get ample exposure to the international circuit of academics and co-curricular exposure.

Our child hostel school facilities are the best among the finest schools in Delhi and we aim to help students reach their full potential. Looking for more details about the best child hostel school? Drop us a line now for further information on the best school in Delhi with hostel facility.

Parent Testimonials


Private schools undoubtedly render a more personalized and student-centric approach for your kids’ education, but boarding schools keep your child focused. When you enroll your kid in the best boarding school near Delhi, they can remain more engrossed in their academics and personal development instead of shifting their concentration to unnecessary distractions.
As one of the top boarding schools in Gurgaon, GD Goenka aims at excellence in every aspect. In the institution infrastructure, there is a primary medicare wing for students and the infirmary is located in each of the two sections of the boarding houses. There are also trained houseparents who can help students 24×7 in case of a medical emergency, or rush them to the Artemis Hospital which has ties with GD Goenka.

No. You can visit your kid whenever you want and as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, we consider ourselves as one big family. Besides, there is one dedicated prayer room where students of different backgrounds, faiths, and nationalities can chant their prayers in peace and tranquility.
Among all the boarding schools near Delhi, GD Goenka is the safest boarding school in NCR. It has 24×7 security guards stationed at the front and rear gates of the building to keep students safe and protect them from any untoward harm. Besides, all the restricted zones have controlled access with contactless card and reader systems which make GD Goenka the safest boarding school in Delhi.
GD Goenka, the top boarding school in India,is located just 30 minutes drive from the center of Gurgaon. The location is conveniently accessible from the Millenium City and it is tucked away in a calm environment that is free from noise and the pollution of the city.

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