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Preach discipline in young minds and make the future of your young adults secure with GD Goenka: The best residential boarding school in Delhi NCR.
Gone are the days when academics were just about learning new things and acquiring knowledge. Undoubtedly the prime goal of education is the same: to nurture minds with knowledge, however, the competition has become utterly cut-throat.

Every other educational stream nowadays demands admission through competitive exams and to score well with an exceptional AIR, a strong foundation is imperative. The thumb rule is to start as early as possible. Enrolling young minds in residential schools means making them more focused. A well-conducted residential school can help students to concentrate more on their studies. Unlike the private schools, residential boarding schools in Delhi NCR work with a result-oriented approach to train students for the real competitive world.

Benefits of studying in residential schools

With so many schools in the region, many parents think why they should choose best residential schools in India? Well, there are several advantages of enrolling your child in a residential school, such as:

  • Develop independence
    When studying in the best residential schools in India, students quickly learn to adjust to changing circumstances and develop greater decision-making confidence.
  • Lesser distractions
    Going to a boarding school is the ideal option for you if you want your child to take their academics seriously. They will engage in less distractions such as watching TV for hours, playing video games, etc. Instead, they will feel much motivated with peers surrounding them and will be feel encouraged to focus on their studies.
  • All-rounder development
    Kids who complete their education from the best residential schools in India have good moral character and lead disciplined lives. They gain patience, which is crucial in life, as they learn how to live in a community and how to interact with various people.

With such great benefits, every parent wishes to enroll their child in the best residential schools in India. Are you searching for the most-sought name among the best residential schools in Delhi? Then GD-Goenka is your ultimate solution. With a dynamically designed curriculum, and an experienced range of faculties, GD Goenka provides great scope for intellectual growth, creativity, artistic expression, academic excellence, and achievement in sports. As one of the best residential schools in India, GD Goenka works with the aim of holistic growth.

Why GD Goenka?

In the ever-evolving world of academia, a boarding school can be the only constant that can reshape the future of your kid. At GD Goenka, every student’s sense of values and innate personality are strengthened with the institute’s ethos of leadership and social responsibility. Several reasons make GD Goenka rank to the top of the list of the best residential schools in India. Starting from the architecture, regular monitoring, comprehensive curriculum to the feeling of safety and security, GD Goenka excels in all levels among the top residential schools in Delhi NCR.

Are you searching for the best residential schools in India? Get in touch with the experts at GD Goenka now because we inculcate the joy of learning for students across all levels and fields.

Parent Testimonials


Private schools undoubtedly render a more personalized and student-centric approach for your kids’ education, but boarding schools keep your child focused. When you enroll your kid in the best boarding school near Delhi, they can remain more engrossed in their academics and personal development instead of shifting their concentration to unnecessary distractions.
As one of the top boarding schools in Gurgaon, GD Goenka aims at excellence in every aspect. In the institution infrastructure, there is a primary medicare wing for students and the infirmary is located in each of the two sections of the boarding houses. There are also trained houseparents who can help students 24×7 in case of a medical emergency, or rush them to the Artemis Hospital which has ties with GD Goenka.

No. You can visit your kid whenever you want and as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, we consider ourselves as one big family. Besides, there is one dedicated prayer room where students of different backgrounds, faiths, and nationalities can chant their prayers in peace and tranquility.
Among all the boarding schools near Delhi, GD Goenka is the safest boarding school in NCR. It has 24×7 security guards stationed at the front and rear gates of the building to keep students safe and protect them from any untoward harm. Besides, all the restricted zones have controlled access with contactless card and reader systems which make GD Goenka the safest boarding school in Delhi.
GD Goenka, the top boarding school in India,is located just 30 minutes drive from the center of Gurgaon. The location is conveniently accessible from the Millenium City and it is tucked away in a calm environment that is free from noise and the pollution of the city.

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