Advantages of living in a hostel

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When talking of hostel life, the first image that might pop up in one’s head would be of difficult schedules, overtly strict wardens and uncomfortable beds. While this might be the popular picture of hostels painted by movies and television, the actual story is quite different.

Students living in boarding schools in NCR point out quite a few characteristic changes that their hostels have helped bring about. Among the top benefits of living in a hostel as listed by students in boarding schools in Delhi and other cities are: –

A Disciplined Life

Hostels are facilities maintained by educational institutions for students to live in, under the supervision of an administration. Hostels have a particular way of working, which is mainly schedule-based. There is a fixed time for everything, be it the wake-up call, attending the study hall, having food or even recreation. Besides teaching students the value of time, living in a boarding school in NCR or any other place inculcates within them the importance of orderliness.

Learn to be Self-Reliant

Unlike their homes, when students are in a school with hostel facility in Gurgaon or some other city, they learn the quality of self-reliance, a value that shall benefit them life-long. From managing their studies to managing themselves, students learn to shoulder all the key responsibilities in hostel, all by themselves. Hostel life teaches a child how to get accustomed to a new environment and look after themselves.

Better Environment for Studying

One of the best qualities of boarding schools in Gurgaon or other regions is that they offer one of the best environments for studying in. Students can seek help of other students in the hostel with a topic or subject they find difficult. Group-studies for exams is also quite popular in hostels. Notes, additional books and model test papers can also be obtained in a similar manner.

Increased Cultural Awareness

Some of the top boarding schools in India have a mix of students from different corners or cultures of the country. Hostels thus serve as fit platforms for bringing together children from different backgrounds and giving them an opportunity to interact with each other, and learn about cultures other than their own. Sharing meals and stories in the hostel courtyard eventually boosts the sense of empathy among students. This eventually prepares them to be citizens of the world at large.

The Benefit of Proximity

One of the most common benefits of living in hostels is that students do not have to waste time and energy in travelling all the way to their schools. They can instead use this time to indulge in something productive such as morning yoga sessions, reading classes or sports. Various schools with hostel facility even have fitness centers, playing fields and libraries which students can use in their free time.