Cambridge Immersion Program

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At GDGWS we believe that student orientation plays an important role in a student’s transition to the next level. These programmes are aimed at familiarizing the students to an unknown campus environment, its faculties and infrastructure. It enables them to make essential connections with studies and develop networks among other peers. It is a much-needed program aiming to introduce students to both the academic and social aspects of an institution and its curriculum. Along with the students, it is equally important for the parents to the new curriculum into which their ward is marching. The programme has been designed with the objective to relieve all anxieties of our students and their parents.
The programme was initiated to facilitate the smooth transition of students from CLS to the IGCSE segment under the guidance of Director Principal – Dr. Neeta Bali. The virtual session included:-
• Introduction to Cambridge curriculum- by- Ms. Asha Yadav -HOP-IGCSE and AS&A Levels
• Orientation to school policies and protocols* – Ms. Pallavi Chugh
• Personality development opportunities through social engagements- Ms. Anshul, Ms. Priya & Mr. Amit
Cambridge curriculum Recognition and acceptability- Career options- Ms. Aruna Ahlawat- Career Counselor