How does an IB Boarding School in Gurgaon help to create a well-oriented future of students?

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There are plenty of regular or boarding schools with different boards out there, but when it comes to deciding on the type of school or board, it becomes a challenge for the parents. As boarding schools in Gurgaon provide an enriching learning environment with supervision at all times, you can consider sending your child to a boarding school. Also, when it comes to choosing one of the best boards from CBSE, ICSE, IB, etc. you can select IB i.e. International Baccalaureate. Students who study the IB curriculum get a shot at getting an admission into many universities abroad. The board also follows an inquiry-based learning. Apart from this, there are numerous other advantages of this course.

IB board education clubbed with the environment of a boarding school can be highly advantageous for your kids. So, as a parent wishing to send their kids to the best school along with the right curriculum so as to safeguard your kid’s future, you should definitely consider admitting your child in a Gurgaon-based boarding school with an IB because:

Emphasis on Vocational and Creative Subjects

IB is an international foundation that is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Apart from regular subjects like science, social studies, maths and languages, IB schools emphasise on the significance of vocational and creative subjects like arts, sports, computer science and music, among others. Also, if your child goes into an IB boarding school, he/she will be able to spend more time on the creative subjects, and could also later on go to develop a future in arts, sports, etc.

An-inquiry Based Learning

The IB board curriculum is designed with a strong belief in inquiry-based learning. So, if you admit your child in one of the best IB boarding schools in Gurgaon, he/she will be taught an active form of learning wherein the learning starts by posing problems, scenarios and questions rather than presenting the children with already established facts. On the other hand, some of the other boards do not lay focus on such an approach.

Inquiry-based learning proves to be more beneficial in a boarding school because there is ample time on hand to implement such an approach. This kind of learning will not only make the present of the child better, but the future too.

Acceptance in International Universities

Schools having an IB board have international recognition, and statistics have shown that students studying in IB schools in Gurgaon/Delhi get accepted into international universities. Another plus of an IB school is that its students can get college credits in the final year of the school by enrolling in courses. This later on provides them with an option to skip on basic courses when they go on to study in gd goenka university, universities.

Kids in an IB boarding school will be able to give more time towards earning college credits, which is a win-win situation for them as boarding schools provide students with a lot of time to focus on various things at one time.

Knowledge-based Learning

IB international schools do not lay emphasis on learning only from the textbooks that are recommended to the students. It focuses on outside informational sources as well, thereby offering a more knowledge-oriented approach to the kids. Hence, if you admit your kid to one of the IB residential schools in India, your children will be able to access extensive information on various topics.

Hence, you can clearly see the advantages of enrolling your child to a boarding school with an IB board. With this step, your child will get a lot of exposure that will prepare him/her for a well-oriented future with unique skills and benefits in hand.