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How to choose the best IB school for your child?

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The IB programme is a recognized programme by Cambridge that offers your child, education that’s of an international standard. However, just because a school offers this program, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. When you’re choosing an IB school in Gurgaon, you wouldn’t want to go for anything that’s not the best. But how do you determine which IB schools are the best? Come, let’s take a look!


Pedagogy over curriculum


We believe that the curriculum is only a part of your child’s learning, and can be learnt with consistency. What really matters is the teachers’ approach to teaching. The teaching pedagogy of any school that’s facilitative is a good school. The IB syllabus is very detail-oriented. This is why, when selecting an IB school in Delhi, you should choose a school where the teachers facilitate students and encourage them. You can find out if the teachers are supportive or not by talking to existing students on campus!


Extracurricular activities


Children spend a lot of time at their school. A big part of their identities are also shaped here. This is why we recommend selecting a school where your child not only gets academic support but is involved in extracurricular too. Extracurricular activities add to the cognitive development of children. It also ensures that your child has a balanced experience! Thus, before choosing IB schools in Gurgaon check the available extracurricular activities!


Student-teacher ratio and teacher satisfaction


The appropriate student-teacher ratio is 1:30 for the primary years and 1:35 for beyond that. A good IB school in Delhi will not exceed this ratio. Another key indicator of a good IB school is one where the teacher satisfaction rates are high. A teacher is an employee. If a teacher is satisfied with their experience, their teaching style is automatically more positive!

We recommend selecting the best IB school carefully with all of the above considerations in mind. You can check out GD Goenka World School, as it has one of the most comprehensive IB teaching pedagogies. Additionally, it also offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to its students.