IGCSE Schools In Gurgaon – How different are the Subjects and Curriculum?

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If you are among those parents who are thinking about sending their ward to an IGCSE School in Gurgaon, there might be few questions plaguing your mind. Questions like how different IGCSE curriculum is from the others? This blog will help explain the same.

IGCSE – A Background

The IGCSE curriculum was developed by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) in the year 1988, and is among the most popular English language curriculums. In fact, so popular is IGCSE that over 10, 000 schools in 160 countries have adopted it. The curriculum allows student to take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects. The core of the IGCSE curriculum includes of a First Language, Second Language, Mathematics, and if the student prefers, one or more subjects in the area of science. Students also have the choice of opting to study other subjects that range from social sciences to arts & technology. The IGCSE curriculum is also flexible for the schools, and provides excellent resources and training. This is one of the reasons why the best schools in India opt for IGCSE.

IGCSE Subjects

If your child is in the age group of 14 to 16 years, then IGCSE is the most popular international qualification you can go for. The curriculum offers more than 70 subjects as if focuses on providing students with a wide range of subjects to choose from, depending on their abilities, including children whose first language is not English. Out of the 70 subjects offered under the IGCSE curriculum, 30 are languages, and school have the freedom to offer them in any combination they like.

The IGCSE subjects are grouped under five groups, and designed to help student develop their creative thinking skills and problem solving nature. These five groups are: –

  1. Group 1 – English Languages (10 subjects viz. First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc)
  2. Group 2– Humanities (11 Subjects viz. History Geography, Islamiyat, Indian studies etc.)
  3. Group 3 – Languages (46 Subjects)
  4. Group 4 – Mathematics (6 Subjects viz. International Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics additional etc.)
  5. Group 5 – Sciences (14 subjects viz Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc)
Focus Areas in IGCSE Curriculum

The teaching approach adopted in IGCSE schools in India, boarding or day-school, is to introduce the students to a large variety of subjects. The curriculum’s focus is to develop understanding, skill and knowledge of students in the following areas:

  • Content of the subject
  • The responsiveness to change
  • Communication and working in English
  • Cultural awareness
  • How to apply knowledge and understanding to new situations
The Uniqueness of the IGCSE Syllabus

The whole IGCSE curriculum is designed with an international outlook. It does, however, try to retain local relevance. As the syllabus is developed for international body, it steers clear of cultural bias of any kind.
Grades in IGCSE Examinations

If your child is studying in an IGCSE board schools in Delhi NCR or for that matter, anywhere, he/she will be graded form A* to G. There will also be a “U” for “ungraded”. To be able to proceed to the next advanced level, students are required to get a minimum of “C” grade for the core subjects.

The best IGCSE Schools in India will follow the practices prescribed under the IGCSE curriculum, giving your child a bright and promising future. If you are still confused, you can speak to us to get resolutions for your queries.