Top 5 Reasons to send your Child to a Boarding School

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A lot of parents think about sending their kids to a boarding school, but they don’t really know if it’s
the ideal choice. All they want for their child is for him/her to study in the best environment along
with world class facilities. As a parent, you must know that boarding schools succeed on both of
these fronts. While there is no harm in sending your child to a regular school, the exposure received
in a boarding school is sure to have a transforming effect. So, if you are a parent who is thinking
whether to send your child to a boarding school in Gurgaon/Delhi, here are 5 reasons to go ahead
with it: –

1. An Accelerated Learning Environment

When you admit your child to a boarding or residential school in Gurgaon, he/she will get an
accelerated environment to learn in. With a blend of experienced faculty and a challenging
environment, the child will benefit hugely on the academic as well as the personal growth front.
Also, boarding schools focus on maintaining discipline that goes a long way in the development of
the child.

2. Sports and Extra-curricular Activities

One of the standout features of boarding schools is that they give a lot of importance to sports and
other extracurricular activities. These activities make a kid an all-rounder as he/she starts to learn
life skills such as team spirit, patience and how to act under pressure-driven conditions.

Also, as boarding schools come with a structured environment, it is far easy to integrate extra-
curricular activities with academics. Children can easily engage in sports and extra-curricular
activities like music, dance, theatre, clubs and many more without compromising on academics.

3. Supervisions at all Times

If you admit your child to a school with hostel facility near Delhi or Gurgaon, you will feel relaxed
because your child will be supervised at all times. An ample amount of time will be allotted for
mentoring and guidance too.

Also, at a boarding school, trained professionals are designated to handle the psychological and
social aspects of your child. These facilities will further help your child become more independent
and confident. We all know that being supervised all the time is a benefit that you won’t get in a
regular school, and this is where sending your child to a boarding school proves to be a great

4. Cultural Mix

Top boarding schools in Delhi-NCR have students coming in from different cultures. Some boarding
schools also admit students from around the world. This helps your kid to co-exist with people from
all walks of life thereby making them more empathetic and adjusting.

5. Responsibility

If your child goes to a boarding school, he/she will learn to be responsible for himself/herself. Your
child will take small steps towards becoming a mature individual with the passing years. Thanks to a
strict discipline code followed by children at a boarding school, children understand that they are
accountable for their actions. This in turn helps them in becoming responsible.

Assessing these reasons which highlight the benefits offered by boarding schools, parents have
started opting for boarding schools in Gurgaon, Delhi and other regions of NCR. You can be
certain of the fact that these schools will contribute to the overall development of your child, along
with serving as building blocks for their future as well.