Top Boarding Schools in Delhi-NCR-Gurgaon

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GD Goenka World School: The Finest Education Institution in India

Leverage the myriad of growth chances in the top boarding schools in Gurgaon. From trying new things, building great friendships to discovering what you can achieve, everything unlocks with a reliable and top boarding school in India.

A stimulating academic environment along with a multitude of outdoor activities encourages the learning and personal growth of pupils. With a caring, secure foundation, students feel emboldened to venture out and explore themselves and the world. A supportive and friendly community in reputed boarding schools near Delhi can enable the full-fledged development of every pupil.

Are you ready for the life-changing education offered by the best boarding school in Delhi NCR? GD Goenka World School is one of those. The school is known for delivering extraordinary academic experiences filled with fun, adventure, challenge, acceptance, and community. Whatever the pupils’ destination, they leave the boarding school in NCR with resilience, flexibility, and creativity for facing the future with optimism and confidence. Here are certain features that uplift student’s learning experience.

  • Great Location
  • Campus with playing field, dining hall, fitness centre, etc.
  • Houseparents providing personalized attention to each individual.
  • After-School sports programme
  • Medical care, safety and security.
  • Spa, Salon, and Gym inside the campus.


Why Choose GD Goenka World School?

At GD Goenka World School, our proficient teachers and hardworking staff seek to equip students for life, both present and in the future. As a top-notch boarding school near Delhi, we want pupils to utilize all available perks to make the most out of life. Our focus is to make them self-reliant and independent individuals. There are numerous benefits of choosing one of the top boarding schools in Gurgaon, which include:

  • Rigorous Academics and experience-based learning.
  • Great mentor-student relationship.
  • Development of life skills like time management, work ethics, etc.
  • A conducive learning atmosphere with athletic and art opportunities.

We believe that boarding schools serve a unique opportunity for diving deep into learning and community. If you are considering boarding schools in Gurgaon or anywhere near Delhi, then GD Goenka World School will be an amazing option. Get in touch and avail the benefitsof this outstanding campus culture.