What are the benefits of an IB diploma course?

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Despite the presence of several educational boards in the country, International Baccalaureate or the IB system of education is rapidly gaining popularity. Internationally recognized as it is, the repute earned by the board is actually quite expected. However, it is only when we tread deeper into its territory that we tend to gain a better idea as to why IB accredited schools are becoming increasingly popular with time in India.

Read on to find out as to what it is that makes parents want their kids to opt for IB diploma courses, provided by various IB board schools in Delhi NCR and other regions in the country.

What are IB diploma courses about?

Also known as the pre-university program, IB diploma courses are said to be rigorous in nature, comprising of various research, paper writing, presentation, data analysis, public speaking, and leadership opportunities, provided over two years’ time.

The goal behind setting up such a program is to help students become a part of the global community, and to teach them to settle down comfortably in any new environment. Exposure to new challenges and the opportunity to learn new subjects from varied streams enables young leaners to explore their boundaries and identify their areas of interest, so as to follow their passion with full dedication and confidence.

How do these courses benefit students with their career?
Dynamic curriculum

IBDP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program offers a bunch of subjects that are neatly classified into six different subject groups. The curriculum is created in a manner that it meets the requirements of all the learners. To ensure that the relevance and efficiency of the curriculum remains indisputable throughout, they are regularly revised and updated.

However, it would be wrong to say that the IBDP is a content-driven program, as it concentrates more on skill and concept enhancement. Contrary to other educational systems, IB diploma courses do not encourage learners to memorize things, but to understand and apply them.

Well-rounded education

IB diploma courses, also known as IBDP, are described as leaner-centered programs, meaning that under these programs, students are urged to take up new responsibilities that will not only help broaden their mental horizon, but also teach them necessary values for life. The diploma profile consists of a list of attributes that aid in making students well-rounded individuals, who can defend their opinions through both logic and data.

Awareness and responsibility

The IB diploma courses also involve students in projects and initiatives under the CAS or Community, Action, and Service program. Meant to inform learners of the many needs of different sections of the society, this program is one of the most significant aspects of the diploma course. IBDP offers students a chance to celebrate their learning and outshine in life, not just as a professional, but also as a human being.

On the whole, IB exposes students to diverse cultures from all around the world, thus aiding them in becoming open-minded and responsible citizens of the global community. Furthermore, it is the interdisciplinary nature of education that has attracted attention to the top IB boarding schools in Gurgaon and other cities.