Our School Leadership & Administrative Structure


The Principal is responsible for the implementation of the long and short-term strategy and vision, while providing leadership and direction to all departments.

Flexible and versatile, the Principal is constantly engaged with a wide variety of areas, from developing the curriculum to student discipline.

Assisting the Deputy Head, whose duties tend to be more specialised, is in constant collaboration with faculty, closely overseeing the needs of the students and is responsible for the day-to-day operational efficiency of the school.

The Office of the Administrator oversees the use of the facilities, provides logistical support and is responsible for the infrastructural maintenance of the school. While providing safe and efficient transportation, ensuring the safety and well-being of the students and employees, grounds and property, the Office of the Administrator ensures safe, sustainable, energy efficient and effective services for all at GDGWS.

The Office of the Administrator is responsible for Facilities Management, Planning Services, Safety & Security, Transportation Services, as well as managing the Operational Expectations of the school.

Demonstrating prudent stewardship of financial resources, while protecting and maintaining the fiscal integrity of GDGWS, the Director of Finance & Accounts works closely with his team to ensure resources are effectively directed to the educational life at GDGWS.

Besides bringing a commercial outlook to the school’s strategic decision-making, the Office of Finance & Accounting regulates the inflow of fees, works closely with other departments to allocate budgets, negotiates contracts with suppliers and ensures that the financial health of the school is strong at all times.

The Department of Information Technology, led by the Director of IT, is an integral part of GDGWS’ daily operations. It provides cost-effective, cutting-edge technology products and services support to classrooms and controls the school Nerve Centre.

Ensuring an equitable admissions process, the Head of Admissions balances the needs of potential candidates with the mission, multicultural ethos and vision of the school. Working in conjunction with the Executive Director, Principal, Vice-Principal and Coordinators of the IB and IGCSE programmes, the Office of the Head of Admissions develops admission criteria, tests and policies and evaluates the academic records of all potential candidates. They also analyse their standardised test scores, participation in extracurricular activities and sport, as well as personal recommendations. Interacting closely with prospective students and their parents, the Office of the Head of Admissions provides information about GDGWS and its enrolment policy while working closely with the Office of Finance & Accounting, to assist enrolment. It keeps the administration informed of important admission statistics, organises tours of the school and sets up recruiting events.

Fundamental to its success, the Diploma Programme Coordinator at GDGWS aligns the values and vision of the school with an understanding of the principles and practices of the programme. In collaboration with the core leadership at the school, the DP Coordinator ensures GDGWS is fertile ground for the implementation of the programme, providing leadership, guidance and support to the students and faculty. The Office of the DP Coordinator manages all activities, while administering and communicating crucial information and updates to various stakeholders invested in the Diploma Programme.

As a member of the pedagogical leadership at GDGWS, the IGCSE Programme Coordinator is involved in the process of capacity-building for the curriculum which must be aligned with the vision, culture and philosophy of the GDGWS.

Responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of the school’s IGCSE Programme, the Office of the IGCSE Coordinator plays a pivotal role in the educational administrative process, by ensuring the smooth transition of students from Grades 7 & 8 into the IGCSE and from the IGCSE into the IB Diploma Programme.

Providing thought leadership and promoting creativity, innovative thinking among faculty committed to the MYP curriculum, the MYP Coordinator ensures the values of the curriculum are aligned with the curriculum, pedagogy and learning at GDGWS.

Responsible for the implementation of pedagogical strategies that are compatible with the principles and practices of the GDGWS and MYP the key feature of the Office of the MYP, is to continuously interact and communicate with the teaching staff in relation to curriculum content, documentation, assessment, reporting and teaching methodologies. Exhibiting a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Middle Years Programme, actively endorsing and promoting the principles that underpin it, the MYP Coordinator builds and sustains a healthy MYP culture amongst the MYP faculty.

The PYP Coordinator provides dynamic leadership and support to the students, faculty and parents to ensure the effective implementation of the PYP. To ensure the curriculum is implemented with fidelity, the PYP Coordinator is responsible for all PYP administrative procedures, including curriculum planning and recording, helping teachers strengthen their teaching skills, knowledge base and inquiry to improve student performance. While identifying and addressing professional development needs, the PYP Coordinator goes beyond advocacy to identify and report issues with expediency so that problems are resolved once identified.

The Office of the PYP Coordinator plays a key role in enhancing the student learning experience by supporting instructional effectiveness, individual coaching and assessment of programmes.

The Activities Coordinator is in charge of conducting the Student Activities and Athletics Programmes, which are integral to the all-round education we deliver at GDGWS. Embracing the importance of providing a well-balanced activities programme to augment the learning activities of the classroom, the Coordinator ensures that the Activities and Athletics Programme designed to teach and reinforce lessons that are consistent with our goals at GDGWS. Students develop essential life-skills that build their character and learn life lessons such as sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, leadership, goal-setting and time-management that prepare them for a future filled with challenges, success and failures. While learning a skill, they develop an understanding of and responsibility to the community they live in.

GDGWS has collaborated with Leapstart, India’s premier Sports & Physical Education organisation, created to answer India’s need for a progressive and high quality PE programme. The programme, conducted as part of the curriculum from Nursery to Grade 6, uses high-quality equipment, highly-trained sports and fitness specialists along with our regular PE staff to bring to life a programme thoroughly enjoyed by all our students.

With expert coaches for each activity and different skill levels, GDGWS encourages its students to participate in competitions at the school and national levels.

With increased pressure, expectations and exposure, children live in a complex and highly-competitive world of which counselling is an essential part. The Guidance Cell at G.D. Goenka World School, led by the School Counsellor, is alive to the varied educational and personal needs of students of different ages and from diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

With a faculty-student ratio of 1:12, GDGWS attracts teachers committed to professional development, open to experimenting with instructional approaches, eager to engage in inter-departmental interactions and committed to sharing time with each individual child.

Our teachers, who are both well qualified and experienced in their respective disciplines, are allowed a large degree of autonomy in determining how to effectively achieve positive outcomes in student learning, as they are responsible for final outcomes.


There are several Student Services to support students while at GDGWS:


  • The Guidance Cell

  • The House System with Housemasters / Housemistresses

  • House Parents for Boarders

  • The Students Council


  • Careers Office

  • Special Education Programme (SEP)

Points of Contact