Our Technological Infrastructure


GDGWS has a firm hold on the latest technologies, as we strongly believe that technology promotes active learning, allows teachers to share information efficiently & facilitates timely communication between students, staff, parents & the faculty. The state-of-the-art hardware & software has led to a seamlessly run, high-quality integrated school. It enhances teacher-student-parental engagement and impacts the daily functioning of the school in myriad ways.


  • Network: Fully Wired & Wireless Networked Campus. The entire campus is connected with over a 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN and 802.11g W-LAN. It is an Internet Leased Line with a Unified Threat Management System.
  • The network at GDGWS is built on a fibre backbone providing end-to-end gigabit speed. With a combination of Core, Distribution & Edge switches with 50% redundancy built into the system, the network caters to around 2000 data & voice interchangeable ports, covering all teaching-learning centres, lecture theatres, classrooms, labs, resource centre, student hostels and administration rooms. The secured wireless LAN enables connectivity to the school’s resources & web world through laptops anywhere & anytime on the campus.
  • Servers: The network of the school is powered by a collection of four high-end servers.
  • Laptops/Computers: The school has an installed base of over 400 student and staff laptops/PCs spread across the campus
  • Internet: Internet access is available 24 x 7 through a high-speed Leased Line with b/w of 14 Mbps. Dedicated last mile fibre technologies provide uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity. The bandwidth, with multiple sources and multiple connectivity paths, ensures high uptime. The email system allows users to access mails from both inside & outside the campus.


  • Building Automation System: The air-conditioning & lighting across the campus is automated & is controlled through software with the continuous monitoring of relevant parameters.
  • Fire Alarm System: All the buildings are equipped with fire detection & alarm systems along with a computer interface Emergency Voice Alarm Communication systems.
  • Audio-Video System: The school has an automated digital audio & video system which takes care of announcements, background music, an electronic bell system & Satellite T.V. channel transmission.
  • The Nerve Centre: As a central control room catering & monitoring the entire technology infrastructure on campus, it houses high end RAID-configured servers to cater to online global exchange of knowledge & ideas, as well as database management. A network storage area of more than 8 TB provides enough space for application software, data storage & an audio-video library.


  • School Management System: We use ‘Campus-Care’, a windows based integrated school management software that consists of information & a database relating to student admission, fees, attendance, transportation, medical reports, staff payrolls, financial accounting, library management & time-table generation. This facilitates the seamless flow of information & ensures effective communication.
  • Online Community: ‘Campus-Care’, also a web-based integrated school information system generates all school-related information that provides periodic updates on: news and events, calendars, food menus, circulars, feedback reports & much more. The parents, students, staff & alumni are given their individual username & password to receive information modules relating to their areas of concern. It also facilitates teacher-parent communication through emails.
  • Payment Gateway: We offer online submission of registration forms, as well as payment of student’s fees through plastic money.
  • Web Site: The school has an informative website – www.gdgws.gdgoenka.com which is user friendly and rich in content.
  • A high-end Voice Communication System is used to provide interphone & intra-phone facilities.
  • A State-of-the-art Audio & Video Conferencing Facility is used for communiques.