7A Assembly – ‘Diversity in a group’

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7a’s assembly on ‘Diversity in a group’ was beautifully presented by the students on May 3, 2017 through a skit, a poem, dance, power point presentation and a video.

The assembly began with a prayer by Rameshwar, followed by the thought by Naman. News update was presented by Ahra, Evan, Devesh, Jae Won.

A video aimed at educating the students on diversity and importance of accepting it was played by Abhinav.

The video was followed by a skit. The narrator of the skit, Abhinav introduced the skit which described the diversity amongst friends, played by Kunwar, Pranav, Nikhil, Akshat, Aakash who were at a birthday party. They ended up fighting when they made fun of each others diverse back grounds, culture and dressing sense. They understood the importance of respecting each others differences when explained by another friend played by Himangini.

A poem on diversity was confidently recited by Kaushal. Kaynat presented a fusion of various dance forms.

A power point presentation by Anshita gave an insight to the importance of diversity.

The assembly, anchored by Manya and Jhanavi culminated with the handing of the ‘Participation certificates’ by the Head of Programme, Ms Deepti Kaushal, to the students who presented the power point presentation in the inter school event – the Colloquium. The students were Rajsi, Mehak, Adi.

It was a fun filled assembly.