A soothing and a memorable trip to Sariska

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“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian Andersen

To live every moment with joy ,fun and enjoy the breath taking views, the students of Grade 5 to Grade 12 started on an exuberant journey to Sariska Astroport-an experiencial trip on the 19Th of April,very much awaiting the fun-filled days. After a 6 hour bus ride to the destination, the childen were given a warm welcome by the local folks in their traditional way. The rest of the day was filled with refreshments, sumptuous lunch followed by exciting team building activities,trekking in the fresh mountain breeze and relishing the beautiful landscape.

Taking pictures in the midst of this beauty was thoroughly enjoyed by all.The day ended with an amazing experience on constellation hunt ,planetary and deep sky object observation and much more .The Rajasthani cultural show and dance were the other highlights of the evening .

On the next morning, the students mounted on the jeep in a jubiliant mood and zipped off to the forest reserve.They had an overwhelming experience seeing the different animals in their natural habitat. Coming back from the Jungle Safari, the students had an hand on experience on a demo rocket launch. Over all, it was a brilliant outing which unbolted the young minds to greater level of ecstacy.