Abhilaksh -Most outstanding Delegate Award

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Recently, Abhilaksh of Grade 12th, IB second year has been awarded the most outstanding Delegate Award at IMUN Jakarta 2022 in United Nations Development Program. His role as Delegate of China in the committee had been crucial in formulating major decisions and ultimately making a successful draft resolution. More than 130 delegates joined the conference from all of South East Asia. This marked his 50th successful MUN. Throughout the conference, he displayed excellent public speaking skills, diplomacy and professionalism which made him recognizable for this award after three days of the intense conference. Many delegates alongside him exclaimed that he had helped them learn a lot as a diplomat and have been supportive throughout. He met several delegates from various nations embassies in Jakarta I.e. Dutch Diplomat, Poland Diplomat, Swedish Diplomat etc. During his ultimate remarks to the committee, he stated “Our role as delegates remains implacable and essential for policymaking around the world. This is just the start, See you all at the top”. He continues to spread the idea of international diplomacy and internationalism in the society and we wish him all the luck for the same.