Accolades of our shining Tennis star Pari Singh

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“Accolades of our shining Tennis star Pari Singh”

Be extraordinary, be a Goenkan!! 14-year-old Pari, currently a student of CLS programme at GDGWS, started playing tennis at the age 5 and started competing at national level at the age of 8. She is a proud winner of more thanA 50 titles in different age categories at the National level now. Her best ranking at the National level is ( India No -1 in under -12 category ), ( India No -1 in Under -14 category current ranking and she proudly maintained the same throughout the year ) and ( India No -3 in under -16 category). She is ranked no -1 player in Asia too leaving behind players from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Korea, and Lebanon in the top 10.  Pari represented India in Asia playoffs in Indonesia,(Bali ) and got selected to Participate in prestigious Les Petits As ‘ in France. Being a top player in India Pari represented India in Indian Junior team in Asia Oceania 14 and under championship in Uzbekistan and finished as Runner up. She represented India in world Junior championship in Malaysia. Pari is a Fenesta nation.