Active Weekend for Boarders

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We do our utmost to ensure that boarders have both the freedom to relax with friends and the opportunity to join organized weekend trips and activities. Our weekends are planned accordingly – with plenty of time to unwind.
Boarder’s had a weekend full of Fun & Folic. Abstract effects with water colors and brush by students created beautiful masterpieces. Students enjoyed Aqua aerobics and learned cardiovascular workout. While some of the boarders participated in football tournament and a cricket match with Jawarhar Lal Nehru Stadium Cricket Academy. Winners were acknowledged with certificates. The boarders enjoyed watching movies at Library and learnt the art of conversation and language.. Evening time was relaxing with Mrs Tanmayi’s yoga class. She gave them lessons on how to manage stress through breathing, meditation and how to increase their confidence and positive self-image.
In addition to organized weekend activities a timetable of sports and clubs are also available throughout the week.