Best delegate award UNGA

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Internationally recognized MUNer and current high official of Goenka World MUN, Abhilaksh recently participated and won best delegate award in UNGA at International MUN 101 edition, one of the most renowned MUNs across the globe. He represented the Kingdom of Bhutan and guided the committee till the very end which made him recognized for the highest honour. He was also appreciated for guiding his peers on the basics of MUN and building constructive arguments on the Russia Ukraine situation while adding long-term solutions to the problem. For these reasons, he authored a Draft Resolution which passed with extreme majority with no votes against and no abstention from delegates around the world. During his short remarks to the committee he highlighted that “role of a diplomat is as much as of a soldier fighting in the war” further adding that “International community has to serve the International community for the sake of the international community.