Celebrating Rotary Club Interaction Impact!

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Our recent interaction on Feb 2nd with seventeen esteemed Rotary Club members from the US, including PDG Nancy Barbee and PDG Joanne Schilling (Australia), was truly noteworthy. During this engagement, we not only showcased our Interact Club’s unwavering commitment to community service but also provided a dynamic platform for meaningful collaboration. The Q&A session with seasoned Rotary Club members played a pivotal role in enhancing our club’s functionality and aligning our shared aspirations. We extend our gratitude to PDG Nancy Barbee and PDG Joanne Schilling for their valuable insights.

Special recognition is due to core members Alyssa Gupta, Rik Kumar, and Muskan Malik, under the exceptional mentorship of Ms. Anshul Srivastava. The GDGWS Interact team—Arshiya, Nerav Jain, Srishti Maheshwari, Adonia Vats, and Gia Wadhwa—contributed significantly to the success of our initiatives. The global perspective gained during this interaction has inspired us to set loftier goals in community service. Let’s persist in making a positive impact together and continue our journey towards excellence!