Cold Air Dark Night Warm Fire Bright Stars-“Night Camp “

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The night camp, spread over a day and a half, organised recently was attended by IB PYP Grade 3 to 5 students in great numbers. Twinkling stars, clear skies, cool breeze and classmates for company – students had the time of their life as they spent a night in the school. The students enjoyed their time away from home as they were kept gainfully engaged with a variety of fun-filled and supervised adventurous activities. Laughter and giggles echoed through the corridors of the boarding as students enjoyed sharing jokes and riddles with their teachers. Director Principal, Dr. Neeta Bali added warmth to the cool evening by her loving and gracious presence. The highlight of the evening was the Treasure hunt and groovy, foot tapping music played by the DJ. The students danced and swayed to the lively beats . The children enjoyed the scrumptious meals. Next morning they went for nature walk in the school campus and played Kabaddi and few other old traditional games.Students also enjoyed horse riding. The camp ended with a small departure note and how these camps add value to student’s life by PYP Coordinator. The students and parents expressed their gratitude to teachers for taking keen interest in providing recreation to the students.