Confederation of Educational Institutions of India conferred a testimonial of Honorary CEII Guild Member on G D Goenka World School has been declared the most Global Collaborative Learning School 2019-20.

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The Confederation of Educational Institutions of India is India’s leading confederation in the educational space, established as a not-for-profit pursuant to sub-section (2) of Section 7 of the Companies Act, an Act of the Indian Parliament. Some of CEII’s key national projects include supporting school and college education, executive education, entrepreneurial education, HR capability development, consulting, knowledge management, research and publications with a mission to support educational institutions, industries, communities and governments through its large-scale initiatives.

The Confederation principally supports the objectives set up under the Skill India program, an initiative of the Government of India implemented by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to improve India’s entrepreneurial, employability and productivity skills. Pursuant to this, CEII conducts an expansive and wide-reaching annual national educational survey throughout India assessing perceptual factors across multiple educational categories. The annual national survey is conducted through the J. Schumpeter National Research Repository, based on parameters provided by the Centre for Quality Standards Certification.



This year, the national educational survey was conducted across 8 regions of India, with questionnaires administered to and exhaustive responses assimilated from 732 respondents, including public and private sector professionals, industry experts and civil society thought leaders. The focus of the current annual national survey was assessment of relative trust perceptions across multiple educational institutions. The national survey identified the top-three most-trusted educational institutions for 16 analysed categories. G. D. Goenka World School has been assessed as being the “Most Global Collaborative Learning School 2019-20” in Delhi-NCR.

The findings of the national survey are slated to be published in Shreshtha: the CEII Annual National Educational Research Compendium 2019-20, an annual publication by J. Schumpeter National Research Repository. The Compendium will also showcase featured profiles of leading educational institutions, their leaders and Governing Boards.


CEII recognized the committed and diligent efforts of GDGWS as an educational institution, and especially of Director- Principal in her leadership role , that has worked and strived hard to ensure that civil society perceptions of the institution are maintained at benchmarked standards.

In this light, the President and Fellows at the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India formally congratulate s G. D. Goenka World School through the Board’s Commendation Covenant – an award certificate that recognizes the institution’s achievement – apart from providing the respective emblem/logo that can be used in the institution’s communication to showcase the respective ranking.