CS1 Adventure Activities on 2nd December-Day 2 of the Night Camp-Learning outside the classroom

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My experience at the Night camp has taught me two lessons that I will not forget in my life. The first lesson is how to be independent, and the second lesson is how to work as a team.

It all started on Friday, when we went to the boarding area where we would stay for the night. The boarding house was very spacious and neat. There were set rules and regulations that students had to follow. Each dormitory had everything a student could need for their daily routine. I could see myself living here.

After seeing our rooms, there was a treasure hunt planned. For the treasure hunt we had to scour the entire school grounds, it was full of fun and excitement. Following that was the talent show, which consisted of brilliant dance routines, songs, etc. After the show, it was time to have fun on the dance floor! Later on, we had dinner and went to bed. As I laid down in bed, I admired the boarders’ ability to stay away from their parents for so long, and their self-reliance. It was difficult for us day-boarders to even think of such a challenge. But I soon learnt that an advantage of being a boarder was to stay with your friends, as I chatted and enjoyed myself with my roommates late into the night.

The next day, we rose at 6am and went for a nature walk in the school grounds. During the walk, Ramesh Sir pointed out many varieties of plants that could be used to heal injuries. Thereafter we went back to the boarding house to get dressed for our Rocksport activities. Rocksport is an outsourced agency that offers various outdoor adventure activities. We spent the day doing zip-lining, body zorbing, wall climbing and other various fun sports. This day taught me how to work as a team, and how to enjoy yourself at the same time. Our activities ended in the afternoon, so we went for lunch. After a delicious lunch, we headed for the reception to meet our parents, as our trip came to a close. It was a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memories I made with my friends when I stayed in the boarding house.

Adventure Activities-Day 2 of the CS1 Night camp

The students and teachers participated in many team building exercises and were taught how to execute the following activities

1. Zorbing
2. Body zorbing fight
3. Burma Bridge
4. Wall climbing
5. Tug of war
6. Commando Crawl
7. Laser beam
8. Tyre mess
9. Shalimar
10. Horizontal crawl
11. Zip lining

Suhana Garg