Day 2 GD Goenka World MUN 2018

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The second day of the GWMUN was filled with just as much enthusiasm and dedication as the first day. The Directors , the delegates, photographers and everyone involved was putting in their best effort to make this just as successful as the day one. The day became eventful due to the multiple rigorous committee sessions, with each committee moving towards a resolution. There were press conferences held in each committee where the dedicated journalists asked compelling questions that put one and all delegates on the spot. Along with these informative press conferences, various committees had crises situations that put the delegates in a position where they had to work together and as quickly as possible. This was done solely because of the teamwork presented by the volunteers and the Directors.

The commendable episodes today were the times when the Directors, the Secretariat and the International Press worked cohesively to ensure that each delegate and each committee had the resources they needed to work towards a resolution for their agenda. The events had a fervour of building a new world of harmony.