EE Workshop, Beijing

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In furtherance to the continued professional development of IB teachers considering the updates and changes in pedagogy and assessment, IBAP had organized a One Day Intensive EE workshop Category 3, at Western Academy of Beijing in Beijing on 7th November 2018. Mr. Pranab Sharma, IBDP Economics & BM teacher, IBDP Examiner in Extended Essay and Economics in GDGWS got an opportunity to attend the workshop.

During the workshop, the key understandings and objectives addressed were on developing an understanding of how the Extended Essay fits into the core and supports lifelong learning.  It is felt to be essential for EE supervisors to understand and embrace the value and aims of the essay to convey its importance to IB students. The roles and responsibilities of the primary stakeholders and the relationship that exists among them were understood in the daylong event.

The key takeaways from the workshop were mainly the interpretation of the Assessment Criteria, the strands and their indicators which were reduced in May 2018 along with developing an effective supervisory support to be given to the students in reflecting on the journey of Extended Essay. The role of the school librarian to support the research process was explicitly highlighted to complement the EE supervisors.