Founders Day

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GDGWS celebrated its 17th Founder’s Day with great fervour ,zest and enthusiasm on 10th December’2020. The entire school community came together to grace the occasion virtually.

Director- Principal,Dr Neeta Bali felicitated all Goenkans on the occasion.She expressed gratitude to the Management for their unstinting support. She thanked the staff and parents for their industrious contribution   in promoting the well being of the children.

Celebrating this momentous day, students of PYP,CLS, IGCSE, IBDP and AS and A Levels greeted the school community in their traditional costumes representing different nationalities to share a glimpse of the diverse culture which is the epitome ‘ of our school The assembly was an amalgamation of music and dance from PYP and DP students.The other highlights were  glimpses from the past Founder’s Days followed  by speeches  from some of the students  who  have spent  more than a decade at school.

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom. Many such mentors have been associated with the institution for over fourteen years and more. The experiences shared by DHM Ms. Shahnaz Banoo Butt,CLS teacher, Ms. Nidhi Sharma and PYP teacher, Ms. Madhu Nangia were great source of inspiration for all.

Culminating the ceremony, there was a virtual cake cutting by Dr Neeta Bali and the senior management team.On behalf of all,Ria Arora ,the school  Head girl proposed a hearty vote of thanks.