GCEI Summit

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The students of G.D. Goenka World School took part in the GCEI summit– an international division comprising schools from North America, Africa, and Southern Asia- in order to stress the importance of the ever-growing issue of food scarcity all across the globe. The students in the earlier meeting had committed to spreading awareness towards the reduction of wastage of food, for which an awareness campaign was launched and successfully concluded on the school premises. To further contribute towards the cause, the young Goenkans partnered with CRMS, a US-based school, and implemented the idea of composting on the school campus.

The next road plan discussed during the meeting by Goenkans was a survey on the Public distribution system in India, the idea was well applauded by the members of the GCEI. The students will be conducting a survey on the effectiveness of PDS and will further work and formulate strategies which can make the system more efficient and effective and lead towards zero hunger in our country.