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Who has ever wanted to come out of the world of fantasy?

The idea of putting on a play, more characteristically a musical is sometimes disregarded, or rather perceived to be nothing but a meretricious fantasy. However, that judgement remains fallacious. A musical drama helps open minds to something greater than us, unbolt doors that forbear the talents within us and augment our lives-that are quite unknown to us. A place where hardships are bid well , a place where one’s childhood is recalled, a time where one seems to be entranced under a spell.

The young Goenkans of IBDP and IGCSE created the world of ‘Frozen’ on the annual day and mesmerised the audience with their spectacular performance at the Epicentre Gurgaon on 7th September 2019. The dance-drama depicted a devastating incident that coerces the kingdom of Arendelle to face the endless winter. Princess Anna must journey to save her estranged sister Elsa in the hope to break the spell on Arendelle and come closer to her sister. However, danger lurks in every corner and as Anna is pulled in different directions-will she succeed? Will Arendelle be able to experience summer again? these were the intriguing thoughts of the audience.

Mr Avinash Pandey, the CEO of ABP news, was the chief guest for the day. He encouraged the students with his words saying that one should accept challenges in the way of life because interesting experimentations can also lead to outstanding success. He said parents and teachers need to create environment for such experiences. Also present on the occasion were Mr Nipun Goenka, Managing Director, G D Goenka Group and Ms Radhika Goenka. The eminent guests accompanied by the Director Principal Dr Neeta Bali lit the ceremonial lamp. The annual report was presented by the Director-Principal. Her message to parents was to encourage students as what we should look at is not excellence but respect the process of learning. She also added that the school catered to the specific needs of every student.

The parents were ecstatic to see the brilliant performance by their wards and were able to experience the nurturing environment their children mature in, which concomitantly prompted them to reminisce their school days.The vote of thanks proposed by the Head of IBDP, Dr Manisha Mehta conveyed her gratitude to one and all.