GDGoenka World School organises it’s debut TOK exhibition

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The TOK Exhibition organised by G. D. Goenka World School, featuring our IBDP Year-2 students was held online on the 15th of May, 2021. The exhibition commenced with a full spree with almost 100 people joining the Zoom meet, the audience consisted of teachers, students and parents, who were prompt to participate in this spectacle. The event started with a direct explanation and introduction of the forthcomings, with the aid of a video explaining the significance of the exhibition, proceeding with our Director Principal, Dr. Neeta Bali, declaring the ceremony open.

TOK is a fundamental component of the IBDP programme. Students were actively involved in thinking beyond what is presented in front of them, and focusing not only on the minute details, but also on the big picture. Moreover, when students worked tirelessly on their exhibition, they were further able to understand the diversity TOK accounts for. With studying about the natural sciences to even understanding religious knowledge systems, and multiple perspectives from different people – it gives every IB student an opportunity to expand their knowledge horizons by interpreting situations concisely and carefully.

Students were subjected to an influencing experience where they presented their TOK exhibitions with the aid of presentations and videos made by them to showcase their inquisitive analysises. All of the students had 7 minutes to provide a perspective of their work to the audience of teachers and parents, in collectivised Zoom break-out rooms. There were engaging conversations and questionnaire sessions with the parents who attended, and ultimately, the exhibition reflected a plethora of new ideas. This perfectly captured the work our students have been deliberating on for a long time with deep discussions.

The exhibition was not only able to focus on the global issues that shake the society we live in, whilst improving their communication, research and analytical skills but also, flawlessly exhibited the free space a TOK class provides for the students to share opinions and relevant objectives with their peers – making our students confident, curious and more reflective as they put their ideas forward.

The event drove to an encouraging end with a song sung by IBDP Year-2 student, Nikita Nunes, and as the final exhibition presentation and videos reached the final stage, the audience attended the thanking note from our IBDP Head-Coordinator, Dr. Manisha Mehta. The joyous event was packed with 3 Year-2 students: Rajsi Sharma, Aryan Somesh Gupta, and Kandisa Agarwal, providing their experience of their TOK journey.

It was an event with a colourful resemblance of hard-work, empathy and logical reasoning amongst our students, that will ultimately allow them to take their stance as the future leaders of tomorrow.