GDGWS Hosts University fair

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A University fair (US, CANADA, UK and Australia) for students of IBDP was scheduled on Thursday, December 06, 2018.At the university fair, pupils got an opportunity to meet 21 delegates from renowned universities who participated and promoted their education mission at the fair.

The event offered attendees’ unique opportunities to interact one on one with delegates about the programs and getting an idea about…
· Admission requirements
· Application deadlines
· The total cost of attendance for 1 year (tuition, room & board, fees, books, misc.)
· Financial aid eligibility
· Specific application requirements for major
· Honors program / the requirements

This was an interactive workshop so that pupils can put the information into practice.

Overall, it was a successful event providing ample opportunities to the pupils to fructify their dreams and aspirations –helping them choose right career path to their dream college.This kind of opportunity to pupils can help in the initial stages of the search process and also help in narrowing down on college options.This fair was a good eye opener and helped pupils to be introduced to the universities/ undergraduate programmes well in time.