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In the month of December , three students from G.D Goenka World School participated at The Tournament of Champions , World Scholars Cup at the prestigious ivy league university , Yale University , USA . The tournament was the final round where more than 2300 students participated representing 58+ countries. The competition was an amalgamation of the best scholars from the global rounds held in Spain , Malaysia , Australia and South Africa. The team of three consisting of Nihal Wats , Darsh Jain and Aaryaman Hoskote competed against other scholars in debating , challenge , quizzes and writing. The overall theme of this year was an entangled world and surely the students entangled themselves in the intense curriculum set by the organisation which consisted of science , history , arts and music , literature , social studies and human relationships over the course of few months . Apart from competing the students also engaged in many community events set up by Yale such as the cultural fair and keynote speeches by professors from Harvard and Yale. In the end , the team won over 9 gold medals and 3 silver medals securing the top positions in debating , challenge and writing.

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