#Google Girl #Jiya Phutela joins GDGWS

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Google Girl Jiya Phutela also known as #’Google Girl’ the youngest NLP trainer, powerhouse of knowledge with superlative memory and unique skills and abilities joins G D GOENKA WORLD SCHOOL SOHNA ROAD ,#IGCSE Batch ( Grade 9 ). Jiya is tremendously charismatic as she has the amazing capability of reading, recognising colors and even finding people with closed or covered eyes.

For Jiya, her favorite hobby is Drawing and Painting. She wants to be a trainer and make many geniuses.

Dr.Neeta Bali, Director Principal said,”Jiya is capable of leaving viewers astonished with the skills. She has inventions on her tips, possesses powers of exceptional abilities and can also read/write blindfolded. She is a great inspirer for other students. We believe in commitment and all-round education for our students in our state of the art facilities.

At GDGWS we strongly promote academic achievement among our students. We welcome Jiya Phutela to School”.