Exhibition 4

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

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It was in the month of September when students started talking about the exhibition and the Tran disciplinary Theme they would want to work upon and the issues that they should be working upon. After many interactions with the students, parents and teachers students decided upon taking current issues which are both local and global. Each student found articles and shared them with the class, prompting discussion of a variety of issues. On February 23, 2019 students of Grade 5 culminated their journey in the PYP. It was a memorable day for them as this day gave them the opportunity of showcasing their learning of the PYP concepts under the Tran disciplinary Theme “How We Express Ourselves”. It was indeed amazing to see their confidence while they presented their understanding of the concepts and were undeterred with the variety of questions posed by the parents thus taking their confidence to yet another level.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all my parents for all their support in making our students what they are today without whom the success of the students would not have been complete. Really appreciate the support.

It was a pleasure to see our students become more aware and concerned about a number of important issues, and wanting to work in bringing about a difference in the community.