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As the academic session 2019-20 commenced, Grade 8A students took whole-hearted initiative and presented their first CLS Assembly on the topic “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”.

It was an assembly with a difference as it was showcased by the new students. Aarushi, Daksh, Tanishq, Vyom, Dev and Gift ,the new members of the class, steered the assembly confidently by looking into minute nuances to make it creaseless.

Few highlights were Shauraya’s musical rendition of the song “ I have a dream” on the synthesizer ; a song by Adrienne Gift ; a video on achieving your dreams and working conscientiously; and a poem by Rik with a message to never give up till you achieve your dreams.The assembly culminated with a video on “Class rules” which stole the show as it was not only educative but also hilarious.

The entire presentation was very deftly compiled by Nakul and supported by the expertise of the other experienced classmates. The assembly ended with reassuring and inspiring words by CLS HOP, Ms Deepti Kaushal, who spoke on the importance of achieving greater heights through self discipline.