IBDP & IGCSE Inter-house Equestrian results

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At a recent Inter-house equestrian competition, dozers of boys and girls participated.

The riding skill were judged by riders ability to control the horse go with a movement.

After showing Trot and Cantering, riders approached a series of Jumps, measuring the length of each stride

Following are the results:


  • 1st position – Harshvardhan Goyal (9 C) – Cedrus house
  • 2nd position – Bhuvnesh Sharma (11 A) – Cycas house
  • 3rd position – Gurudutt Sharma (10 C) – Sorbus house.


  • 1st position – Rashmi Singh(11 A)- Cedrus house.
  • 2nd position Shreya Agarwal (11 A)- Cycas