‘India’s French Connection’-An art exhibition and workshop at India Habitat Centre organized by Delhi Art Gallery (DAG)

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On the 7th of February, 2018 a group of Visual Arts students of our school visited the Habitat Centre to view an exhibition of art work by Indian artists who had lived in Paris, entitled ‘India’s French Connection.’ Some of us had never been there. We enjoyed our experience as the team headed by Ms Supriya Consul, Educational Outreach in charge (DAG), explained all the art work to us as well as the styles of each artist. It was all very easily understood by all of us and we were so happy at the interest they showed in us and interacted with us. We had a wonderful session of questions and answers and we also spoke about our interpretations of the paintings. We learned something new with each and every painting. We saw original works by famous artists like Ram Kumar, S.H Raza, Amrita Sher-Gil, Kanwal Krishna, Zarina Hashmi, Jehangir Sabavala, Nasreen Ahmadi. Nirode Mazumdar, Krishna Reddy, Sakti Burman and Himmat Shah, to name a few.

We were later taken to an area where we were provided with materials to draw and paint pictures related to the exhibition we had just seen either by using printed templates or by making free-hand drawings of our own.

It was a day of learning and fun for all of us. The highlight of the day was when we heard that our ability to identify paintings by French Impressionist painters and Van Gogh’s works too was much appreciated!

Vanshika Agarwal