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GD Goenka world school has been a pioneer in effective adoption and implementation of innovative teaching practices. The teachers at GD Goenka world school have been using the following innovative teaching strategies to enhance the learning experience for their students:

Blended teaching & learning: Educators at GD Goenka world school have extended learning beyond the brick and mortar classrooms to additional learning opportunities by way of online discussions boards, social media blending such as blogs and home experiments videos on you tube, project based learning, real life collaborative problem solving case studies, to a whole gamut of multichannel, multimodal learning experiences which have served to promote student engagement by giving students a variety of ways to demonstrate their knowledge while appealing to diverse learning styles and fostering independent learning and self-directed learning skills in students.

Flipped classroom: Flipped Classroom model implemented at GD Goenka World school differs from just a simple flipped class where educators can flip their classes by having students read articles and related texts outside of class, watch supplemental videos, or solve additional problems for homework. Educators at GD Goenka have already been flipping their classrooms in such ways earlier, hence his time the educators decided to take this concept further and attempted to engage in Flipped Learning, by incorporating the following four practices:

Creating flexible spaces in which students choose when and where they learn rather than depending on the teacher paced traditional model of classroom lecture. This was achieved in most cases by creation of lecture videos where teachers recorded videos of them explaining the key concepts or made presentations with audio explanations of key concepts and contents along with supplemental videos and links to text/ web articles for students to peruse/ watch at their own pace at home or in school. It allowed for repeated and self-paced access to the explanations of key concepts and students enjoyed the flexibility of learning concepts at their own pace

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