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Kautilya Pandit’s Meeting With The Former President Of India

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‘Google Boy’, Kautilya Pandit, a student of GD Goenka World School, Sohna, had the proud privilege of meeting India’s former President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, on 12 th January, 2019.

The former president began the conversation by asking Kautilya about his aim and ambition in life. Kautilya responded enthusiastically by confessing that he aspires to become an Astro-Physicist. He further spoke in detail about the researches and projects he is exploring at GD Goenka University under the mentorship of renowned facilitators. Having learnt about his ongoing projects on Astrophysics, Quantum physics and Particle Physics, the former President of India was quite overwhelmed. Kautilya also sought advice from the former president on how to
excel in academics. Mr. Mukherjee guided him to comprehend the concepts well rather than indulge in rote learning. On a lighter note, the former President inquisitively asked the ‘Google Boy’ about his latest hairstyle which made the vibes in the room easy and comfortable. In the end, he blessed Kautilya and gave him a letter of appreciation which was followed by a photograph session.