Meeting with Rahul Gandhi

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When I was informed about our scheduled meet with Rahul Gandhi, leader of Youth Congress, my first feeling was extreme anxiety and excitement. After all, how many people at school level get a chance to meet such a famous personality? As, I my thrill began to come in control, I began to search for questions on the topic of women empowerment, and in the end I chose a question most relevant in today’s politics: Women Reservation Bill.

Asked by Rhea Khosla

It was an enlightening experience to meet Mr. Rahul Gandhi. It was great to realize the fact that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a politician, not for the power associated with the post, but because he genuinely desires to do something for the nation.

Astha Shukla

Corruption is an insect, which has bitten many corners of our country. I, as a student would like to speak in the area of my own concern. What action plan are the leaders of the country going to take to bridge the gap between the colleges and the students of our country? 

Mr. Rahul Gandhi For this the government has plans to fund the education in our country in a large way and have recently managed to procure a huge sum of capital. These funds will be used to establish the colleges in the following years to come and will fulfill the needs of many who deserve a good education.

Asked by Aarushi Bahl 

Rajit Kinra: India is one of the world’s most populated countries and we yet aren’t permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. What is your say on this?

Rahul Gandhi: Well it isn’t necessary for us to be permanent members in order to be powerful and be heard. Since, our voice is heard it doesn’t necessarily have to be that we are permanent members.  

Asked by Rajit Kinra

My question: Each year the government spends lakhs of rupees on professionals coming from IITs and IIMs, but the end scenario is brain drain.

Rahul Gandhi : He started by explaining that there is no such thing as brain drain. He said that because proper facilities were not available in the country, these people had to go abroad to complete their courses and reach for their dreams. Once done with their studies they would return to India, with their ideas and help the nation develop further.

Asked by  Dhruv Tikekar

metting with rahul gandhi