Mothers Day Celebration by Students of French and German – Grade 7 & 8

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Dieu ne pouvait pas être partout, et c’est pourquoi il a créé les mères.
– Rudyard Kipling

Its truly said that God can’t be everywhere and therefore, he created Mothers. Without doubt, one day is not enough to show gratitude towards our Mothers. Nothing can overpower the unconditional love and care of a Mother.
French and German students from Grade 7 and 8 made Cards for their mothers as a token of appreciation. They used different Languages to express themselves but theirs emotions were the same. They had let their gestures flow through the paintings and messages for their Mothers in French and German Language.
“Love doesn’t know any language” is thus proved by our learners who managed to write in a language, which is not their Mother Tongue.