PDP Sessions July, 2022,

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Online Sessions From 11 To 13 July, 2022


Day 1: Session by Mr Adnan Chaudhury, Principal at Pledge Harbor school Bangladesh on ‘International Mindedness’.

Session by Mr Adnan Chaudhury was taken on Day 1 on ‘International Mindedness’. It was quite an engaging session as the term was cracked open to its depth by the speaker making the teacher audience participate actively. Some takeaways of the session were: ‘International Mindedness’ has to woven in the Lesson Plans by each subject Teacher keeping in mind the International Curriculum in mind and the students coming from diverse cultures to school. Teachers’ queries were beautifully catered by sir. Questions like, “What does an ideal classroom look like in terms of International Mindedness? “, “How can a school ensure the practice of international mindedness if we teach in only 1 language i.e. English to overseas students who do not know English properly & then we expect them to learn & master English language to get Diploma and so these students fail to even get the Certificate?’

Day 2: Session was headed by Abhilaksh, and Tanya Singh of the school on ‘The other side – Learner profile from the students’ perspective.

It was a delight to see our school students initiating a session on IB Learner Profile. The session was very very engaging as not even for a minute the teachers weren’t completely involved. Very captivating games on Quizzes were played with the teachers on tasks pertaining to IB Learner Profile. Like, Unjumble the jumbled words connected to IB Learner Profile…, Decoding the synonymous statements of the learner attributes etc. The most interesting task was when teachers depicted pictorially what does the Learner Attribute of being KNOWLEDGEDABLE means to them. It was worth witnessing what teachers drew…The padlet Link to the same is given to have a look.  https://padlet.com/ibcoordinator7/sw15hmpd0os2ijow

Day 3: Session was taken by Ms. Anupama Chopra on ATL Skills.

Session was to recollect with teachers the ATL skills that need to be incorporated into each subject teacher’s lesson plan and their teaching. The session built a thorough understanding towards the Five ATL skills. It was elicited from teachers how will they or have incorporated in the past, any one of these skills in their lessons with students. Teachers shared their bit which was empowering for everyone present there.

Offline Sessions From 14 To 15 July, 2022


Day 4: 14 July, 2022 (9:30 TO 11:00 a.m): was headed by Director Principal Dr. Neeta Bali with the whole staff.

Ma’am welcomed each teacher back to school. New teachers were encouraged to introduce themselves. Special events of PYP Programme, CLS, MYP were shared along with May, 2022 IB results. Teachers were congratulated for the same. World average of each subject along with GDGWS’s average for each subject was shared with the whole staff. The meeting ended by encouraging teachers sharing whatever they wished to share…

11:30 To 12:30: Program Development (PDP) session by Dr. Manisha Mehta with IBDP & IGCSE teachers, In-House workshop on Leading the Learning by Ms. Akanksha Khullar with PYP team and specialist teachers was taken respectively.

The day ended with the session by Dr. Neeta Bali along with Ms. Manisha Maan on ‘Communication is the Key’ with PYP, CLS, IGCSE, IBDP, AS & AS Levels Teachers. The session was truly enlightening as it empowered each teacher to some major errors that each one of us does while pronouncing certain everyday words which are there in everyone’s active vocabulary. Words like, ‘Baccalauraete, develop, almonds, academics, economics, Psychology, route, February, niche, naïve, often, poem, restaurant, epitome, research, tomb receipt, clothes…etc’. Teachers repeated each word by pronouncing them correctly.

Ms. Manisha Maan continued the session by showing teachers a chunk from the movie, “Taare Zameen Par” where the English teacher asks a dyslexic child to read a portion in English in front of the class. Post watching, it was elicited from teachers what was the classroom environment like, “what went wrong in the classroom transaction between the teacher and the kid with Special educational need…? Some major workable solutions came out from many of the teachers. The sharing definitely level raised everyone sitting there.

Day 5: 15 July, 2022 (9:30 TO 10:00 a.m): was headed by PE Teacher Mr. Ramesh Karwasra on Yoga and meditation with the whole staff. It was a much-required therapeutic session that the teachers required at that point in time.